Experiential Marketing - TITUS is an experienced resource to create and implement local, state, regional or national programs for corporations. Our talented staff can facilitate every component of a customized promotional program, including concept, corporate representation, location analysis and selection, venue negotiations, transportation and logistics, site-set up and staffing, design and fulfillment of incentive items and post-event analysis. Whether it's a program focused on lead gen or sampling or even as extensive as an on-field skills contest which awards a new car on live TV - it's part of our credentials. You provide the markets ... we'll assemble a comprehensive schedule which minimizes your investment and maximizes impressions and ROI.

Why are corporations making the transition from traditional advertising available in Event or Campus Marketing to bridge into Experiential Marketing?

  • Corporate marketing budgets no longer rely on traditional avenues of advertising, where a brand would attempt to influence a consumer to buy a certain product or service by solely utilizing the creativity of a catchy slogan or media campaign.

  • Consumers are more educated and less naive than past generations, with media platforms more and more prolific. Consumers used to accept an advertisement or commercial as a true reflection of a brand ... they now want to interact face-to-face with a brand and determine their own judgment.

  • Brands are now reaching consumers by creating relevant, engaging experiences that offer something tangible back to the consumer. If your metrics is measured by whether people remember your brand and will spread the word to their peers digitally, let us assist you and steer a new brand experience!

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