Event Marketing - TITUS is experienced in creating, implementing and managing sporting events on the local, regional or national levels. Since 1999, TITUS founder Dave Stephenson has taken high school events from concept to reality, featuring a schedule as limited as a single game or one as extensive as five games in three days.

TITUS has managed events for ESPN or FSN (multiple networks within families), and in 1999 made history with the first-ever high school event webcast live (by Broadcast.com, later Yahoo!). Our portfolio of high schools in our events during the past five years have ranged from California to Florida (multiple football state champions), from Maryland (lacrosse state champion) to Washington (football state champion), and many more.

The talented TITUS staff can facilitate every component of event management, including concept, asset valuation and branding, knowledge of spectator behavior, digital design and maintenance, venue analysis, selection/RFP and negotiations, media partnerships, licensing and merchandising, signage production and set-up, multi-level advertising and sponsorships, souvenir ticket production (bar coding) and sales, transportation, photography/videography, PR, travel coordination and management, post-event analysis and much, much more.

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